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Affiliate Marketing

Top 7 Reasons to Learn Affiliate Marketing!

So, you have dreams of owning your own business and working from home?  Imagine waking up and not having to drive to the office.  Imagine getting out of bed and walking right over to your computer to start your day. 

Saline Breast Implants

Top 7 Reasons To Say NO to Breast Implants!

Having Big Heavy Breasts hanging on your chest is highly over-rated!  It doesn’t always feel good, trust me!  It is way more expensive to have them taken out than to have them put in.  Plus, all of the potential


Top 7 Christmas Gifts 2016 for Girls

Christmas is right around the corner.  Christmas Trees, Decor and Music are everywhere.  I can already feel the Christmas Spirit too!  Of course Christmas is not ALL about gifts!  Nevertheless, your little one will be expecting something special from Santa

Break Up Hacks

Top 7 Break-Up Hacks – To Get YOU Happy Again!

So, you just broke up with someone? In life, we have all found ourselves in this precarious and disheartening situation at one point or another. Perhaps that special someone left you or maybe you realized that you just did not

Finding Dory

Top 7 Reasons That You Must See FINDING DORY!

  FINDING DORY opened the weekend of June 17, 2016 with a record splash of $136.2 Million and made animation history!  See for yourself why everyone is raving about this movie. Ellen DeGeneres returns as Dory the Forgetful Fish who


Top 7 Reasons Why Harambe The Gorilla Is The Better Parent…

Harambe the Gorilla rescued the 4 year old boy from the moat.  The Human parents let their very own child fall into the moat. Harambe the Gorilla gave the child his undivided attention and even appeared to be helping the child